AB Commercial Company Profile

Founded in the epicentre of Italian cafes and restaurants in Carlton, Melbourne over twenty years ago, AB Commercial was at the forefront of food service industry equipment for more than two decades.

AB Commercial is part of the Majors Group of companies, Australia’s leading Gelato and Ice Cream Specialist, a supplier of commercial gelato and industrial ice-cream making equipment as well as the highest quality ingredients for commercial gelato makers and industrial ice cream manufacturers.

Majors Group is the exclusive Australian agent for world renowned brands such as Technogel, Rubicone, and ISA, global brands synonymous with quality and leadership in ice cream and gelato manufacturing and display cabinets.

  • • Leading commercial gelato and industrial ice cream equipment brands• Professional knowledgeable staff• Strong range – budget to top quality• Excellent new showroom and commercial kitchen location in Brooklyn

    Come to Majors Group for trustworthily advice, service, spare parts and after-sales support to ensure the return on your investment in high-quality equipment and ingredients is maximised. We can also advise and train you on the latest techniques and methodologies, so you can focus on what you do best – producing and serving your customers with a top quality gelato or ice cream product.

    Everybody loves a gelato or an ice cream. It’s an inexpensive treat that everyone can afford, which is why the industry continues to grow strongly every year.

    Majors Group is proud to be a key part of the commercial ice cream and gelato industry in Australia. Contact our National Ice Cream and Gelato Specialiss, to discuss your needs. And remember ask about our Gelato School.