Project Description

COF: Different shades of cold

Cof is one of the trademarks in which the ISA group – Industria Scaffalatura Arredamenti srl – works as a quality leader in the sector of furnishing public areas and in professional refrigeration.

With Cof, ISA wanted to focus on a range of plug in products dedicated to the world of Food & Beverage, offering their clients reliability, professionalism and a quality service.
So the Food & Beverage division was born in ISA, a new sales organization to meet our customers demands, always with the same end: to leave them the freedom of choice to choose equipment with the size, specification and style which is more suitable for their particular area and their own taste.

The range of Cof products, chosen from the catalogue Different shades of cold, divided into four categories:

• Beverage;
• Ice Cream and Pastry;
• fresh and frozen food
• Commercial Catering Equipment.

4 categories, 4 colours, 4 seasons…
Nothing left to chance for who has made their objective to serve and support the consumer for all of the 24 hours in a day, all year round; from breakfast taken at the bar, to the lunch break in a grill or restaurant, to shopping in a supermarket, in a convenience store, to the moment of fancying a pastry or an ice cream, right up to the after-dinner atmosphere in a pub.