Ice Cream Coatings

A plentiful series of covering to create ice creams like chocolate chip, or to coat cones or little frozen desserts. Liquid when applied, they then solidify to form a crunchy layer with a yummy look.
no.4 tins 3 kgs. per carton.
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Igel – Sugar Free Ice Cream

Igel – Sugar Free Ice Cream

Special line of low-calorie products, ideal for people who want to be in shape without giving up the pleasure of a creamy artisan ice-cream. Lightness characterised by quality, taste and excellence.
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Soya and Rice products

Soya and Rice products
Bigatton’s line of products made with soya allows to obtain ice-creams that respect not only the taste and creaminess of classical artisan ice-creams, but also the wellness of the consumer, since they are rich of vegetable proteins, they are easy to digest and free of cholesterol.
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Soft Ice & Pronto Ice

Soft Ice Cream & Pronto Ice
Easy and quick, the Pronto Ice line allows to obtain delicious ice-creams, reducing the production time and keeping unaltered the high quality of artisan ice-cream. Assorted line of cream and fruit flavours, created to satisfy the needs of the most delicate palates.

no. 10 sacks of 1.35 kgs per carton
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Variegati (Ripples and Sauces)

Variegati (Ripples and Sauces)

Ripples are special creams studied to add flavour and yumminess to ice cream. Rich with bits of fruit or delicious crunchy elements, they let you create excellent ice creams using your imagination.
To add after ice cream has thickened, but they can also be used for filling pastries.
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Emulsifiers & Stabilisers

Emulsifiers & Stabilisers
We have a wide range of neutrals for the creation of your bases and an excellent emulsifier named STAR CREAM, which will allow you to get some fruit ice cream soft and voluminous.


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Fruit ice-creams must have a fine and creamy texture: to attain this result, Bigatton has studied a line of bases, to which fresh fruit or fruit pastes, water and sugar can be added, to obtain high quality ice-creams that will remain creamy for many days, stored in the ice-cream cabinets.
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Mini Toppings

Mini Toppings
Sono la versione ridotta dei Topping Bigatton.
Questo formato speciale è disponibile
per 3 sapori: fragola, cioccolato e caramel.
Confezionato in bottigliette di plastica da 350 gr. Ogni cartone contiene 30 bottiglie.

Milk Ice-Cream

To produce high quality artisan ice-cream, you must start from an excellent basis or neutral ingredient.
The basis, a mix of natural ingredients wisely mixed and worked with modern technologies, confers creaminess, texture and softness to the ice-cream.
Anybody, from the expert ice-cream maker to the amateur, will find among Bigatton’s bases, the […]