Project Description


Gelato & Ice Cream Ingredients.

Italian gelato and ice cream is one of Italy’s best-loved exports.

Among the trends of the new season, alongside traditional offerings – we have seen the decline of ‘Artificial’ tastes, such as Smurf, and instead a rediscovery of fresh tastes made from seasonal products of the local region.

In particular gelato artisans have been working to ensure the authenticity of the product from the use of locally produced fresh milk instead of low-cost substitutes.

It’s good for the environment, too. Using local products cuts out a lot of ‘food-miles’ from the supply chain – saving the cost and emissions associated with transporting those products by means that waste energy and pollute the environment.

The consumption of ice cream is estimated at over 15 kilos per person per year in Italy.

Australia, we have a lot of catching-up to do!

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